Ngā Pakiaka Mōrehu o te Whenua

The nameNgā Pakiaka Mōrehu o te whenua’ is a metaphor for the people of the land, whose roots, like the indigenous forest are still firmly embedded in the soil.

The primary goal of this project is to promote the unique status of Ahi Kaa who are the repositories of tribal history and knowledge of the ancestral lands within their Iwi .

Our project also seeks to ensure that the customary knowledge, traditions and values held by the existing Ahi Kaa are preserved and passed on to future generations.

Ultimately we aim to provide a setting in which people from all the hapu of the Wairau would feel at ease. We believe this is an appropriate way forward in a post-settlement environment.

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Stories of the Land from the People of the land…


Wānanga and hui

NPMotW will be providing a series of 6 wānanga and events throughout 2018 for both our members and the local community.

These hui are designed to strengthen and enhance the knowledge of those who attend about local Māori history, whakapapa and purākau.

Our next event

Interested in attending our next wānanga?

Our Next event is on Sunday, 20 May 2018 and will be a tour of the various sites throughout whanaganui (Port Underwood).

If you’re interested in attending or becoming involved, you can find out more information by clicking the button below

Written Articles

Over the next year, we hope to build a growing collection of stories and kōrero about significant Māori sites, people and historical events from within our rohe.

Image Gallery

Imagery and photo stock featuring some of our significant historical sites, people and events within the Wairau and surrounding rohe.

Video Library

Check out our collection of online video content which includes short documentaries, lectures and compilations of the rich landscapes of our rohe.

....Years since we arrived in the Wairau.

The Wairau plains and lands of Te Tau Ihu have been the home or our people for nearly 800 years and Attached to our whenua are our unique stories.

Since the first Polynesian fleet arrived from out of the pacific and landed on the shores of Te Pokohiwi-a-kupe around 1280 ad, to the recent settlement process with the crown, Ngā Pakiaka Mōrehu o te whenua have remained in the Wairau as the ahi kaa.

From Africa To The Wairau...

Tracing human migrations through DNA

By Professor Lisa Matisoo-Smith


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